Just like many of you, I am a huge fan of the Chicken Invaders series and I played it until my eyes started to hurt, my high score was the highest possible and my mouse could breathe no more. For me and everybody who know what I’m talking about, I have some great news: Chicken Invaders 4 has been released!

Subtitled “Ultimate Omelette”, Chicken Invaders 4 puts players at the forefront of a battle against invading intergalactic chickens, bent on revenge against the human race for our oppression of Earth chickens. In this episode, the chickens have constructed a gigantic cannon capable of launching planet-scale eggs against Earth, with the ultimate goal of encrusting humanity in an impenetrable wall made of egg white. Joined by an unlikely ally, players will travel to foreign, unexplored galaxies in an effort to locate and destroy the egg cannon before it reaches Earth.

This means that we’ll see a bunch of new goodies in the game, like new types of chickens, new choreography, boss fights and, of course, new weapons for the player. The gamer’s intergalactic journey is also accentuated by unique fantastic scenarios, such as navigating through a field of gigantic floating feathers, or dodging molten planet chunks during a supernova explosion.

In other words, Chicken Invaders 4 is exactly what we’ve expected from the game and I’m happy to hear that it was launched. If you feel the same, head over here for a free demo or to buy Chicken Invaders 4 now!