With so many new items released lately in FrontierVille and so few space to deposit them, Zynga has decided to give us a chance to increase the storage space by challenging us to complete a new series of missions, the Final Frontier series or the Storage Space missions.

Made up of three timed missions, the new FrontierVille series will increase the storage capacity of our Storage Sheds by 5 per mission, meaning that in the end we’ll have 15 more space for storage. So let’s check out the missions and requirements!

Storage Space I
– Chop Neighbor Trees 50 Times
– Craft 20 Planks
– Get Ten Logging Permits

Reward: 200 XP, 200 coins, +5 storage space

Storage Space II
– Craft Six Sawhorses
– Get 15 Nails
– Get 15 Cardboard Boxes

Reward: 300 XP, 500 coins, +5 storage space

Storage Space III
– Clobber Five Groundhog
– Clobber Ten Snakes
– Get Ten Crowbars

Reward: 450 XP, 750 coins, +5 storage space

You have three days to complete each of these missions, which is quite enough for a regular FrontierVille player. Good luck!