Winter is here in the real world and Zynga decided to bring it back in FarmVille as well by introducing a bunch of cool decorations for our virtual farms. Starting today, we can purchase for a limited period of time all sorts of buildings, decorations and ornaments in FarmVille and below you can see an overview of them all!

2 New Buildings available for purchase (image in the upper left corner):

– FarmVille Winter Manor (42 Farm Cash)
– FarmVille Winter Cottage (350,000 Coins)

Next we have a few decorations to make our farms look better:

– FarmVille Lighted Fence (5,000 Coins)
– FarmVille Bunny Slope (28 Farm Cash)
– FarmVille Heart Ornament (10,000 Farm Coins)
– FarmVille Pointed Ornament (10,000 Farm Coins)
– FarmVille Polar Bear Globe (25 Farm Cash)

Finally, two decorative trees that were really successful make a comeback, but this year they cost quite some real money (as opposed to last year when they only costed some coins):

– Ornament Tree I (20 Farm Cash)
– Ornament Tree II (15 Farm Cash)

However, even with the changes of the prices, we can say that this winter looks great in FarmVille with all the new decorations here! So… which are your favorite?