A new mission has been released in FrontierVille, this time a timed one: Playtime. Since it’s been a while since new content has been released in FrontierVille following the huge Christmas update, I am sure that most of the FrontierVille fans will be glad to hear that the Playtime Timed Mission is here.

So let’s start by finding out the requirements for completing this new mission:

– Have or craft 20 planks
– Get 10 Bags of Playground Sand
– Collect 10 Scrap Metal Pieces

As you can see, everything is pretty simple: you can craft planks inside your wagon and you can get the the Playground Sand and Scrap Metal by asking your friends for some more (you also get one piece when you send one).

You should move quickly though, since upon accepting the Playtime mission, you will only have 2 days to complete it. If you manage, you will be rewarded with Monkey Bars, 1 Dinner and 500 XP. Pretty nice, so good luck with this new quest!