Masters of Mystery-bobYour casual game need will be satisfied by Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal starting now, since Big Blue Bubble has released the second hidden object game in the series and you can purchase it right away as a Christmas gift from you to yourself, most likely and… enjoy it!

It’s been nearly six months since Carrie Chase solved the Crime of Fashion murders. Since then, she’s enjoyed a nice promotion, better apartment and even had time to mingle with one of the attractive new detectives at the station. Life has been great – until now. It’s late one night and Carrie Chase’s dinner plans get interrupted with unfortunate news… two grisly murders in a nearby condominium penthouse. Taking her new detective with her, Chase begins unravelling the clues behind the deaths of these two men and what she discovers will change her life forever!

Help Sergeant Carrie Chase solve the death at the penthouse and discover how deep betrayal can go.
From the creative minds that brought you Home Sweet Home and Masters of Mystery comes a brand new hidden object game! Big Blue Bubble proudly presents Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal!
Enter the shoes of Carrie Chase as she works her way through deception, heartache, interoffice romance and a betrayal so deep it will change her life forever. Uuu, sounds interesting, right? If so, find out more about the game over at Big Fish Games.