Do You Have What It Takes To Run a Fantastic Farm?

Do You Have What It Takes To Run a Fantastic Farm?

fantastic-farmWell, with the immense success recorded by games like FarmVille (and other similar virtual farming games), it was only a matter of time until offline products became available. And the time has come for us to be completely put under the spell of farm management, no matter if we have an internet connection available or not, thanks to Fantastic Farm, a promising game available for purchase over at Big Fish Games.

However, Fantastic Farm also brings a few extra goodies compared to the similar games available online: it brings magic into play and of course, a faster and more intense casual gameplay experience. The official description of Fantastic Farm might be enlightening enough:

“Help the fresh out of school Maggie run her magical farm! Use a variety of magic powers to grow a small farm into a prosperous enterprise! Care for the animals, grow plants and make enchanted goods in Fantastic Farm! Earn trophy achievements and keep the sinister business man from shutting your farm down. Make ice creams, sweaters, strawberry pies and lots more in this fun and addicting Time Management game!”

So yes, it is a game that mixes a bit of everything and the final experience can only be a really pleasant one. Fantastic Farm is available over at Big Fish Games and if you wish to give it a try, follow the link and have fun – and you will certainly will, especially if you’re already a FarmVille fanatic such as myself.