Just a while ago I presented you a very cute casual game that challenges you to take care of a virtual farm – Fantastic Farm and it seems that the trend of companies releasing farming related games, most likely due to the huge success recorded by FarmVille, is growing. The latest game in the farm management/casual genre is Tropical Farm, and if you like Zynga’s Farmville, you certainly have to try this one out!

The story behind Tropical Farm is quite sad, but you are in charge for the happy ending: a hurricane has ravaged a tropical island and it’s up for you to restore the harmony and great looks to the land. In order to restore the beautiful tropical island back to life, you will have to begin with a small patch of land, some tools and a few seeds, and turn the steamy wasteland into a fertile homestead using your Time Management talents!

The harvest is ripe with fun as you grow, collect and sell food, pointing and clicking in a race against the clock in Tropical Farm!

The system requirements for this game to run are pretty low, meaning that Tropical Farm will run on low profile computers too (and most likely laptops), so if you’re looking for an offline FarmVille alternative, Tropical Farm might be the game for you. Click here to head over to Big Fish Games and buy it for as low as $6.99 or at least try out the demo. Have fun!