sf2It is true that Street Fighter IV is on everybody’s lips lately, but this doesn’t mean that the classics (or, better said, resurrected classics) are being forgotten by Capcom. I’m talking about Street Fighter II HD Remix, who will soon receive a solid bug fixing patch, probably wishing to prove everybody that the game really is much better than Body Blows.

Game’s producer Ray Jimenez blogged about the upcoming Street Fighter Patch and detailed it, as you can see below in the planned change list:

– After a number of games, the HUD will be corrupt. Yellow lifebars will freeze, the round counter flags will all be on, and the names will show more than one name. (Both)
– Frequent disconnects during VS transition screen. Often caused by selecting START color of character. (Both)
– Title crashes if user has a large friends list and tries to access the friends list (PS3)
– Rating being set to “0” and from then on, rating remains at “0”. Once that patch goes live, we’ll reset all leaderboards/scoreboards. (Both)
– Vega sometimes causing desyncing, especially when using the fake wall dive. (Both).
– Lobby list containing full rooms instead of only rooms that users can enter. (Both).
– Zangief Super Motion not working on both sides and in both directions.
– During the start of the match, there is slight slowdown. This has been minimized as much as possible. (PS3).
– If connecting to a ranked match through the quick match function, it is best out of 3 rather than best out of 5. (Both)
– Sending messages via XMB during a game causes a freeze. (PS3)
– Players not added to “Players Met” list. (PS3)
– Analog and D-pad can accept input at the same time. (Both)
– Player stats not reporting correctly.

Nothing about Akuma, though, as you can see. Maybe in a future patch…