nxeHave you had some strange premonitions regarding the New Xbox Experience and refused to install it until now? You’ll have to forget about all these things, since Microsoft plans to oblige you upgrade to the New Xbox Experience since games to be released in the future will come bundled with the dashboard update on the disc (and obviously making the games unplayable without the update).

This is the standard policy going forward, Microsoft told 1UP in an e-mailed: “”It has always been standard protocol for Microsoft to include the latest version of the Xbox 360 dashboard on game discs. This is not unique to the New Xbox Experience update. To enhance platform security, Xbox 360 owners who are not connected to Xbox LIVE will have their consoles updated to the current system software from game discs they purchase at retail.”

Probably this will not affect too many people, since there are really no reasons for one not to upgrade, but as I said – those of you having strange premonitions would better try getting over them. It’s only one direction to go from now on and that’s: forward!