pc-gamingOne of the most overlooked platforms for gaming and clearly the one with the biggest potential (thanks to the upgrades which can be done on the go) the personal computer is trying to regain its popularity and probably the biggest militant for PC gaming is the PCGA (PC Gaming Alliance). Today the organization got even stronger: representatives from Capcom and The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University have joined the Board of Directors.

Capcom, who is getting ready to release the highly anticipated Resident Evil 5, was never considered a big fan of PC gaming, but it appears that things could change now and the company could become one of the most important players in the revitalization of old school gaming. Also, the The Guildhall at SMU which is the premier graduate video game education program in the U.S will broaden PCGA’s understanding of PC gaming issues and requirements.

“Capcom believes strongly in the value and strength of the PC gaming market as a global platform for our entertainment brands,” said Christian Svensson, vice president, business development and strategic planning. “Our participation in the PCGA’s activities over the past year has greatly improved our understanding of the market, provided us great business opportunities and allowed us to participate in improving the field of PC gaming. We’re pleased to have a representative on the board in order to directly help shape the future of the PC gaming environment.”

With the recession knocking at everybody’s door, it is PC gaming which could get over it without a scratch thanks to the online distribution of much cheaper products. We’ll see for ourselves if things change by the end of the year…