shopping-cityI have just discovered a simply amazing tycoon/management, a free to play one, titled Shopping City. It is an amazingly well done game that could compete against similar products you have to pay for on casual products. Really, it is simply amazing and I simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to award it with the game of the day award!

In Shopping City, like in any other tycoon game, you have to build a real shopping empire by starting small and progressing from one level to another: nine total levels, but so difficult to complete that you will spend quite some time trying to figure out the perfect building sequence – because I doubt there is more than one!

However, due to its difficulty, but also its charming development – from sound to visuals, everything catches your eye and keeps you glued to the screen, playing and unwilling to quit – Shopping City is a real must play game even if you’re not into flash games, or even if you don’t really consider yourself a fan of the tycoon/strategy genre.

If you like a challenge and a really well done (a premium one, I could say) that is offered for free, try Shopping City! It’s an amazing find. So go on and play it by following this link. And remember to check back soon, I might post a strategy guide if I manage to finish the game!


  1. hi i have also found this game very intresting but i am stuck
    on level 3
    i know it sounds bad but i just cant figure out the stratergy behind could anyone help???

  2. Unfortunately, I think that there is just one single way of succeeding, and that is one really tough one to find. I wanted to do a walkthrough and I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out the strategy for Shopping City but I failed and eventually left it all behind, frustrated…

  3. It’s important to slow down one(or two(lvl7)) stream with ice cream shops, benches, news or music ads so you can build your shops in an intersection and both streams will come there allone so they can use it fullly…

    • This is what I did:
      First I added the two pet shops on the right, then I added one of the boutiques next to them. Once I could afford it I then added another boutique. After that I upgraded my boutiques, then I added one extra boutique. On the opposite road to the extra boutique I added a toy shop. Next to the toy shop, I added another boutique, during the next day following that boutique, I added the toy shop next to the other boutique. Then let the final day play through and you should have completed it :D
      Here’s the link to a screen-shot of how I did it:

  4. I spent all day with this freaking game yesterday.
    What i did wrong most of the time was too much upgrading, which does not play a major role i think.
    Here are some tip that might help:
    – ice cream stalls and newspaper boxes are your friends
    – save money for the better shops asap
    – don’t upgrade shops that you eventually tear down
    – @ level 13 it’s time for fire dept. and police (later levels)
    – save enough money for repair in the later levels
    – sometimes its better not to repair a building, let it get demolished instead.
    Spoiler for the last level:
    Good luck with the game.

  5. I’m stuck on level 7, could someone please help me.. I’ve tried many times but can never pass. Please help, thanks :)

  6. How in the world do you beat level three can anyone tell me step by step how to do it with no mistakes bc its making me really frustrated right now. HELP!

  7. Im stuck on level 6 !!?!?!?! any helpp pleasee !! its so annoying i got to 96% ..

    this is a very addictive game :P

  8. For level 8, start out with 2 pet shops at optimal corner locations. You might have to start over a couple times to figure out which corners will get all the people in to get you the bonus. This should be good for rounds 1 and 2. For level 3 and 4, 3 or so boutiques at other good locations will also get all the people to use up all their money for the bonus. Then, build 2 or 3 ice cream shops at corners and a couple of newsstands near them, but not at corners. Then don’t worry too much about getting the bonus. Save up enough to replace one of your pet shops that is at an optimal location with a jewelry shop. Put a pet shop elsewhere for people who now don’t have one within their path. Then do the same for the other pet shop. Then build some speakers in other spots. Then remember that you can put the same type of shop within the same path of a customer, as long as one of them is upgraded to a different level, they will hit both if there’s room for them inside. Don’t be afraid to build multiples of jewelry shops on corners at different upgrades. The same goes for pet shops, boutiques, and computer stores. I didn’t really need to build toy stores or nightclubs nor fill in all the spots to beat this level. I found that building the higher upgraded shops near the common exits works well so that people can finish off their spending money. I was up to either 94 or 95% of the goal by the end of round 23. I beat level 8 in the middle of round 24.

  9. I have just completed it!!!!! =)
    always start with pet shops and boutiques. then upgrade some. then add a few toy stores and as soon as you can afford to buy a jewellery shop get it. The supermarket is a good investment!!! use up all the distractions ecspecially ice-cream and newspapers. build the higher income shops on corners e.g supermarket and jewellery shops…

  10. Riley, Sweets0405’s screenshot did work. But I built half as many buildings as him. Dont waste money on ice cream stalls etc. Just keep upgrading


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