shopping-cityI have just discovered a simply amazing tycoon/management, a free to play one, titled Shopping City. It is an amazingly well done game that could compete against similar products you have to pay for on casual products. Really, it is simply amazing and I simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to award it with the game of the day award!

In Shopping City, like in any other tycoon game, you have to build a real shopping empire by starting small and progressing from one level to another: nine total levels, but so difficult to complete that you will spend quite some time trying to figure out the perfect building sequence – because I doubt there is more than one!

However, due to its difficulty, but also its charming development – from sound to visuals, everything catches your eye and keeps you glued to the screen, playing and unwilling to quit – Shopping City is a real must play game even if you’re not into flash games, or even if you don’t really consider yourself a fan of the tycoon/strategy genre.

If you like a challenge and a really well done (a premium one, I could say) that is offered for free, try Shopping City! It’s an amazing find. So go on and play it by following this link. And remember to check back soon, I might post a strategy guide if I manage to finish the game!