A new Asian-themed update has just occurred in Cafe World adding all sorts of goodies in our favorite virtual cafe game including two brand new and really hot recipes: the White Radish Cake and the Chinese Candy Box. Read on to find out the profits they make, details on Cafe Points earned and also to see these great new dishes!

cafeworld1-white-radish-cakeWe’ll start with the White Radish Cake:
Costs: 300
Servings: 335
Cook time: 1 day
Earns: 2010 coins
Cafe Points earned: 15 for Cooking, unknown for serving

cw2-candyboxNext, the Chinese Candy Box is available for players level 70 and above:
Costs: 6000
Servings: 2000
Cook time: 2 days
Earns: 18,000 coins
Cafe Points earned: 33 for cooking, unknown for serving

What do you think about the two new Asian-themed recipes?