horse-stable-1Initial rumors regarding the release of the FarmVille Horse Stable appeared on Social Games Help, but now it’s all official and complete: the Horse Stables have been released in FarmVille and in this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about the new building: what is it, how to build it, how it looks like and more. So read on and you’ll have no more questions regarding the Horse Stables!

First of – what is the FarmVille Horse Stable? It is a “building with purpose” meaning that it can hold 20 in-game horses that become harvestable after 24 hours. However, the Horse Stable is not easy to complete and you’ll have to do some work to get it done!

So, how to build your FarmVille Horse Stable? You receive the foundation for the building in your gift box (so be EXTRA careful you don’t sell it by mistake!) and you can place it anywhere on your farm. To create the final Horse Stable you’ll need items in a process similar to that of the barn raising: you will post a feed on your wall asking for friends to help you with the Horse Stable and up to 10 friends can click per day on that feed to give you the items needed. What items do you need to build the horse stable? Here they are:

– 10 bricks
– 10 harness
– 10 horseshoe
– 10 nails
– 10 wooden boards


Neighbors can send you the components you need to build your Stable. Your Neighbors will be able to send you two of the five types of building components to help you complete your horse stables. Please note that the two components displayed on the Free Gifts Page are randomized. As such, the components displayed on the Free Gifts Page may be different for each user. These two components are changed weekly. When neighbors send you a building component, it works exactly like any other free gift. After you accept the gift it will appear in your gift box. After clicking the “use” button under the gift it will automatically be added to your Horse Stable.

Alternately, you can purchase the above mentioned components for the Horse Stable from the Market, under the “Buildings” tab. Each of these costs 1 FV cash, so you would be spending 50 FV cash to buy all of them from the market:


When you reach 25 items, you’ll receive pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a random building component for their own Horse Stable construction.

When you complete your Horse Stable, you will receive a popup asking you if you’d like to share the news with your friends. Clicking the Share button on this popup will give you the option to post a feed to your wall that will give up to five neighbors who click on it a free Grey Horse. Also, once the Horse Stable is complete, you’ll receive a Horse Stable of your own!

How can you build your Horse Stable more quickly? By having lots of active FarmVille neighbors, of course. You can find a lot of active players in this post here.

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