Born to Fire, a new online first-person shooter for PC, is the latest title to be revealed as part of NHN Corporation’s lineup for Gamescom next month. A character-focused and highly accessible online FPS, Born to Fire will be playable at NHN’s media booth – visitors to the show are invited to secure a booking now to view a presentation of the game, get a hands-on preview and chat with members of the development team about Born to Fire’s features and player-friendly design.

Born to Fire is a character-oriented FPS for PC with five different classes to choose from, each flaunting its own distinctive style and specific brand of firepower as well as a range of complementary skills to enable sophisticated team strategies. Featuring a practice mode and finely tuned one-click matchmaking to bring together players of similar skill level, Born to Fire offers an accessible and fun experience for beginners as well as adrenaline-fuelled challenges to test more experienced players.

With a data-driven character balancing system to ramp up the fun factor, a personal scoreboard to monitor your progress and shareable video replays, Born to Fire has a lot to offer both new and established fans of the FPS genre. It has low system requirements, and plays seamlessly even on low-spec computers.

The first image of Born to Fire is promising enough to make us hope that the game will hit servers as soon as possible and be flawless!