Zynga has released some Summer Crates in Mafia Wars for you to purchase and enjoy… for a price. There are 6 new types of loot you can find inside the new Mafia Wars summer crates and we have all the details below:

– One Mafia Wars Summer Crate Costs 12 Reward Points
– Three Mafia Wars Summer crates cost 35 RP
– You can also get three Crates for 30 Rps In Hourly Sale

Here are the items you can find inside the new Summer Crates in Mafia Wars (click the image above to see them if you wish):

Had It Up To Here (78A, 104D) – Common
Sun Blocker (106A, 79D) – Common
Snack Tray (79A, 107D) – common
Deadly Discus (116A, 93D) – uncommon
Parasailing Boat (120A, 95D) – uncommon
Flock of Seagulls (94A, 118D) – uncommon
Beached Shark (110A, 135D) – rare
Beach Guard )137A, 110D) – rare

Some pretty nice rewards if you manage to score the rare ones…