If there’s one thing that was missing from Final Fantasy XIV and it was a REALLY big need to have it in the game – what was it? Stop thinking about game balance, extra content or tweaks and let me tell you: bikinis! With summer here, the in-game characters of FFXIV must’ve been really hot since Square Enix actually decided to introduce bikinis to the game via a new patch, the Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.18!

Here is what a Square Enix official has posted about this Final Fantasy XIV Bikini Patch: “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but patch 1.18 will finally be going live this week! This version marks the beginning of big changes being readily visible on-screen, such as the auto-attack feature, as well as a number of others, both big and small. It took a while to get it all ready, but we hope you all enjoy this first wind of change sweeping across Eorzea!

Japan’s been baking hot, with Tokyo getting up to just over 30°C (86°F) lately. But everyone knows what it means when summer hits… Beaches! Pools! Swimsuits! Events!”