pelloniSome say he completely lost his minds, others (especially himself) say he’s a genius. One thing is clear: Robert Pelloni, one-man creator of Bob’s Game, a Nintendo DS RPG, still wants his game published and still continues the fight, even though he already had a breakdown when he threatened to kill himself (and maybe even when he started his 100 days-long protest against Nintendo).

However, sane or not, with a quality title of not, Pelloni left his “top secret classified underground fortress” – as he calls his room – and assaulted a Nintendo World shop, trying to promote his game. Not that there are any chances it will be released too soon, since Nintendo still refuse to give him a developer status and, judging from his most recent actions, things won’t change too easy.

Anyway, Bob together with a bunch of very good looking Asian chicks started to post tons of Bob’s Game posters in the store, littered the floors with business cards and filled the store shelves with mockup game cases. Everything filmed and posted on YouTube, since it’s the 21st century.

However, it’s nothing but another desperate call for attention. It’s something that will not please Nintendo at all and something which will not help his cause. I preferred the old Robert Pelloni, who was a mistreated developer. I don’t like the current one who considers himself better than all game developers, talks with aliens and wears a silver crown on his head. You have more reasons to dislike him below: