fallout3Fallout 3 is slowly becoming Bethesda’s milking cow – the developers have announced that their top RPG will receive two more downloadable content packs in the future (read: by the end of the year). Hopefully without all the installation bugs and freezes and problems…

The first upcoming DLC for Fallout 3 is Point Lookout, one that has already been rumored and now it’s proved to be true. The action here will take place in a swamp area and it will come with brand new quests. Expect to see Point Lookout out in the wild in late June.

The second upcoming DLC is titled Mothership Zeta and it is about… aliens landing in the Wasteland. Hmm… not really the greatest thing to hear regarding Fallout 3, but at least it’s a new idea and it’s probably better than simply giving us more of the same settings and enemies. However, how will this alien abduction thing will truly turn out, we’ll only see in late July.

Both upcoming DLCs will be priced at $10, but that’s not what matters the most. Most important is what you think: are you excited to hear that you’ll get to play even more Fallout or your interest in the game is slowly fading away after the previous buggy DLC releases?