terminator-salvatedThose who wanted to start shooting down robots in Terminator Salvation are having quite some problems since apparently there is a major bug with the retail versions of the game, one that stops the game from being installed on one’s computer.

After running the launcher, players report that a strange error message appears (-5006:0x80070002 – whatever that means) and they simply can’t install Terminator Salvation. The official forums are slowly starting to get filled with complaints from unsatisfied customers, but the developers are working on the problem and hoping to find a solution as soon as possible.

The strange thing with this situation, though, is that apparently neither the support email address nor the phone number for Terminator Salvation’s retail publisher don’t work either. So you can imagine that those who can’t install the game are getting really frustrated with the situation.

However, if you haven’t purchased the game but want to, it would probably be safer to do it from Steam or Direct2Drive, since apparently there are no issues with the downloadable version of the shooter. For everybody else, we’ll keep you updated if we find out new stuff regarding this installation issue.