Speaking today with CVG, Patrick Söderlund, executive VP of EA Games’ label stated that two experienced Battlefield devs are working on the newly announced Battlefront 3.

Both executive producer Patrick Bach and general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson have moved over to the Star Wars game. According to Söderlund, both Bach and Troedsson “want to make Battlefront 3.” The broader DICE studio had similar sentiments, with Söderlund paraphrasing their thoughts as “we would kill to make this game.” The level of excitement for Battlefront 3 is something that has surprised him.

DICE are perhaps best known for the Battlefield series, a title that has many similarities to the large scale action of the Battlefront games. As such, the experience of the developers may lead to a more polished experience.

The fact that the DICE developers are so excited about working on the Battlefront 3 game also bodes well for its development. Some fans have expressed fears that the title will be a Battlefield reskin that is forced out, but the fact that the executive producer has actually requested he work on the game suggests that the title will be crafted with more enthusiasm.

[Source: CVG]