alkirian2-screenHaving trouble beating Alkirian 2 – The Seven Scepters? If so, I have prepared a walkthrough for you, a step by step guide to help you win the game and solve the adventure. So go on and read the detailed Alkirian 2 walkthrough if you got stuck and continue your great Alkirian 2 – The Seven Scepters adventure using this guide!

1. Click on the pile of stones near the drawing that looks like a bird-man until a gray rock is revealed. Get it.
2. Click on the rock pile near the other drawing until you reveal the brush. Take it.
3. Use the brush with the drawing to the right of the door that looks like a cross. Then do the same with the eye symbol on the wall to the left (above the birdman’s scepter). Do the same with the scarab on the ceiling. Do the same with the scepter held by the other drawing and get it (the first scepter!)
4. Push the dusted off eye symbol, then push the scarab button and the door will open.
5. Click on the opening to move forward and use the brush with the piles of dust. Switch to the hand and get the scroll.
6. Use the scroll with torch on the wall, then use the burning scroll with scorpion.
7. Get the stone and put it in the empty spot on the pillar near the sarcophagus. Pick up the second scepter!
8. Dust off the four symbols at the right of the torch (snake, bird, zig zag, and the thing below).
9. Go back to the previous room and using the hand icon click on the eye and scarab buttons again.
10. Click on the bird and the strange oval-shaped buttons and on the wall, one new scepter is revealed. Pick up the third scepter and, since you’re there, pick the already available scepter below and to the right. You now have four scepters.
11. To open the next two scepters, you have to make sure you have the following sequences of buttons pushed: eye, zig zag, oval thing; then snake, bird, zig zag and scarab. Pick up two more scepters and you have six.
12. Now use the rock with the cross thing on the sarcophagus, the one to the right of the pile of stones. You will pick up that cross (or ankh).
13. Go back to the first room and place the ankh in the right spot near the door. Head over to the next room and click on the sarcophagus cover. You will get the seventh scepter.
14. EXIT!

This was the Alkirian 2 – The Seven Scepters Walkthrough, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section below.

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