Having trouble finding the solution for Escape the School Bus flash game? I have the walkthrough here, the step by step guide to help you beat the game. Read on the Escape The School Bus Walkthrough and enjoy an easy ride!

1. Click on the green arrow to open the door ahead, then click twice on the driver’s seat. Pick up the gas can.
2. Click on the gray square next to the seat and answer the riddle. Simply type “None” and press enter. You will get a green bottle.
3. Click on the gear shift to pick it up.
4. Click on the green arrow to get back and click the green arrow again. Click on the middle seat to the left and click on the brown bag to get the white bottle.
5. Go back and click on the white bottle. It should now be filled with some green liquid.
6. Click on the green arrow and then click on the square on the ground twice.
7. Freedom!

This was the walkthrough for the Escape the School Bus game, probably the most difficult problem being the solution of the riddle in the game. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below!