Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends is all in all an amazing adventure game that I am sure you love playing already. However, it’s not all simple and plain when it comes to completing the game and that is why I have decided to share with you this Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends walkthrough – step by step guide on what to do in order to beat the game and reach the ending.

I am sure that you are very curious what to do, so read on the complete text walkthrough for Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends!

1. Click on the door
2. Turn to the door. A cutscene with a ghost.
3. Take a piece of paper next to the door.
4. Turn to the window, open the suitcase, code 358. Take a DVD part.
5. Turn to the bed, complete the HOG. To fix the DVD disk take its part from the inventory.
6. Click on the suitcase on the bed, complete the HOG. To fix the DVD disk take its part from the inventory.
7. Use a pin on the door and go out.
8. Take a note and a key from the phone table.
9. Take two books – one from the armchair, one from the sofa beneath the pillow.
10. Use the books on the bookcase. Take a mask.
11. Click on the 2nd mask from the clock in the corner (from the right of the rhinoceros).
12. Use the masks on the wall (from the right/left of the rhinoceros).
13. Take a puzzle part for the door puzzle from the rhinoceros. Complete the puzzle.
14. Click on the desk in the study, complete the HOG. To have a part of the items use a key from the inventory.
15. Fix the cupboard with a wheel from the HOG, take the rapier.
16. Go to the bedroom, use the rapier on the panel (from the right of the door). Take the brush behind the mirror to remove the spider net.
17. Complete the HOG. Use an umbrella on the doll. Go to the hall. A cutscene with Anna.
18. Go outside. Go to the antique shop.
19. Take a clapper from the HOG. Use a rapier from the inventory for the HOG.
20. Take a mallet in the bookcase (from the left of the counter). Take a piece of photo.
21. Take a bow in the bookcase (from the right of the counter).
22. Use the clapper to the bell, the mallet to the gong. Talk to the shopkeeper.
23. Go outside. Taka a rung next to the waste container.
24. Return to the house, click on the fireplace, take the second rung. Turn to the ladder, use the rungs, complete the HOG (take the bow from the inventory). Get the 1st piece of picture.
25. Go to the bedroom. Complete the HOG in the suitcase (take a piece of photo in the inventory). Get the tweezers.
26. Turn to the mirror. Turn the chest of drawers handles according to the picture with a dragon (the upper handle – 1 click, the middle one – no click, the lower one – 3 clicks)
27. Take the second piece of picture. Go to the hall. Zoom in the middle portrait on the wall. Take the 3rd piece of picture.
28. Give the found picture to the shopkeeper.
29. Take the feather from the cage with the tweezers.
30. Use the feather on the cupboard (to the left of the counter). Take the 1st book.
31. Return to the house. Take the 2nd book in the study.
32. Take the 3rd book in the bedroom.
33. Give the books to the shopkeeper.
34. Complete the puzzle, find out which signs on the picture match with the signs on the jewelry box (it’s possible to consult the diary (journal) – the sun, time, fire, moon).
35. Open the jewelry box. Talk to the shopkeeper and Adam.
36. Return to the house. See the ghost.
37. Turn to the left and look at the book on the table.
38. Take the thermometer next to the window.
39. Take the key to the right of the exit.
40. Go to the study. Collect the crystals, take the hammer in the desk drawer, use the key from the hall on the bookcase, take the lighter and crystal.
41. Go to the bedroom. Complete the HOG. Light up the lamp with the lighter from the inventory.
42. Cut off the curtain rope.
43. Go to the hall. Cut off a piece of picture from the last page of the book.
44. Go to the study, use a piece of picture to the picture on the wall between the windows. Get the cup for the magic lamp.
45. Reassemble the magic lamp on the cabinet. Put there the cup and crystals. Put the thermometer in the cup and strike it with the hammer. Put there the rope and light it up with the lighter.
46. Go to the hall, look for the magic seals on the wall with the magic lamp.
47 Complete the puzzle. A cutscene with John Dee’s ghost.
48 Go to the antique shop. Take a tape next to the window.
49 Go to the café. Read a note on the table.
50 Take salt and vinegar from the bar counter. Click on the cash register, zoom in, take a glue.
51 Turn to the exit, click on the stone on the floor then click on the stone from the right and left of the door.
52 Take the sword from the steps.
53 Click on the bar counter, complete the HOG (use the sword from the inventory).
54 Take a crowbar from the wall over the table (from the right of the exit).
55 Go outside. Click on the area from the right of the steps.
56 Take a wheel and spade next to the shop back door.
57 Turn to the steps (in the street), go to the cemetery.
58 Take the handle, turn to the left, take the firewood.
59 Turn to the crypt, use the spade on the ground that was recently dug up. Take 1 piece of the puzzle on the crypt door.
60 Return to the house. Light a fire in the fireplace.
61 Click on the ladder, complete the HOG (strike the vase with a hammer to get a lead glass shard).
62 Use the bellows on the fireplace.
63 Take a decorative ball behind the armchair from the left of the fireplace. Use it on the stairway handrails. Get a puzzle part (for the puzzle on the fireplace).
64 Go to the study, complete the HOG (cut off a piece odf tape with scissors). Get a saw.
65 Click on the clock in the study.
66 Go to the shop back door.
67 Saw the window grate.
68 Get inside. Remove the board on the floor with the crowbar. Take the valve. Go outside. Use the valve on the pipe, turn it.
69 Return to the shop, take a wooden flower from the table.
70 Return to the house, go to the bedroom.
71 Put the wooden flower on the bedside table. Take a clock wrench.
73 Go to the hall. Use the clock wrench on the clock. Get the clock hands.
74 Go to the study. Use the hands on the clock.
75 Complete the puzzle. Get a puzzle part (for a puzzle on the crypt).
76 Use the glue on the drawer, glue the handle, take a bulb.
77 Put the bulb into the lamp on the wall next to the door.
78 Fix the wires (under the lamp) with a tape.
79 Turn the switch. Look at the signs.
80 Go to the cemetery.
81 Find the signs that were over the lamps. Read the sequence from right to left. W, square, M, triangle. Take the last puzzle part on the crypt door.
82 Click on the crypt door. Use the puzzle parts, complete the puzzle.
83 Get into the crypt and read the book.
84 Click on the coffin. Look for the gravestone parts in the crypt.
85 Reassemble the gravestone. Use the brush to clean it.
86 Use the crow bar on the coffin.
87 Collect the magic seal parts. Use them on the seal.
88 Remove the seal and remove the coffin cover with the crowbar. Take a sickle.
89 Return to the house. Go to the hall. Find the footprints next to the fireplace. Go outside.
90 Cut off the shrub with the sickle (from the left of the road to the cemetery). Complete the HOG (use a wheel from the inventory on the barrow).
91 Return to the house, use the puzzle parts on the fireplace (moon and circle signs). Complete the puzzle (insert the signs in the circle in the right order from the sun to the moon).
92 Get into the basement. Get into the secret room. Click on the jewelry box.
93 Click on the diary from the left of the jewelry box. Read it.
94 Click on the fireplace. Use the pincer on the amulet, complete the magic seal puzzle.
95 Take the amulet out of the fireplace. Take a ladle over the fireplace. Go to the corridor.
96 Turn to the right. Click on the shelf, take a mask part.
97 Turn to the secret room, clean the plate with the brush, find out the water sign. Go to the secret room, click on a barrel filled with water. A hose is needed. Take a gear and a vial filled with powder.
98 Return to the corridor, complete the HOG. Get the knife.
99 Turn round, use the knife on the cracked wall, put the gear into the mechanism, wait when the key appears, take it.
100 Go outside. Cut off a hose part.
101 Put the hose to the barrel with water. Ladle out some water and use it on the amulet in the fireplace.
102 Use salt, vinegar and a vial with powder. Ladle out some water and use it on the amulet in the fireplace. Take the amulet.
103 Go to the hall, answer the call.
104 Go to the bedroom to reassemble an effigy. Take a key from the HOG. Take a jacket and shoes from the box (cut the rope with the knife). Take a bust behind a stool. Collect the gloves, hat, pillows, glasses. Use everything on the bed.
105 Complete the puzzle.
106 Go to the café, cut a piece of cheese.
107 Go to the shop. Illuminate the opened cupboard from the right of the window. Give a piece of cheese to the rat. Take a camera.
108 Go to the bedroom, complete the HOG (in the niche from the right of the door). Take a puzzle part in the inventory. Take the camera with film.
109 Shoot the footprints.
110 Go to the shop, use the photos with footprints on the footprints on the floor.
111 Complete the puzzle.
112 In the dungeon: take the jewelry box, stone behind the curtain on the wall, rope from the chest, flask. Take a horn from the helmet.
113 Put the jewelry box in the cup and strike it with the stone. Take a ring. Complete the HOG (put the ring on the skeleton’s finger).
114 Fill the flask with acid from the cup.
115 Hook the rope with the horn on the grate over the door. Try to get out.
116 Complete the seal puzzle.
117 Erode the grate rods with acid. Go outside.
118 Go to the café. Collect the candles, complete the HOG behind the bar counter, get the chest key.
119 Take the wire cutters in the chest, cut off the candelabrum.
120 Hook the candelabrum in the dark corner. Put the candles.
121 Go to the shop back door, take a box of matches.
122 Return to the café.
123 Light up the candles. Take a cash register opening handle.
124 Open the cash register. Take a puzzle part.
125 Complete the puzzle in the corner. Take the 1st coin.
126 Go to the cemetery. Take 2 flowers and a pickaxe there.
127 Return to the café. Strike the wall in the corner to enter John Dee’s laboratory. Light up the candles with matches.
128 Read a book on the table.
129 Take a magic seal to the cemetery gates in the book.
130 Go to the cemetery, open the gates with the magic seal, enter the crypt, take the amulet from the coffin.
131 Complete the HOG next to the crypt. Get the 3rd flower.
132 Go to the shop and get the 2nd coin in the HOG.
133 Go to the café. Enter the laboratory.
134 Look for the prisms. Take a razor in the cupboard, use it in the HOG.
135 Complete a jewelry box puzzle on the table. Get the 3rd coin.
136 Use the prisms on the puzzle on the wall behind the curtain.
137 Use the ritual parts on the puzzle on the table.
138 Complete the puzzle on the table.