OK, so we’ve already seen that Adventure World is a game that you really should play on Facebook and we’ve also checked out the Beginners Guide for Adventure World, now it’s time to go for more in-depth stuff and check out some tips & tricks for a better strategy in Adventure World. If you have any tips of your own that are not shared below, please let us know in the comment section at the end of the article. Until then, let’s start checking out some hot Adventure World Tips & Tricks!

Adventure World Tips & Tricks for the Base Camp
– Build a few dig sites from starters in order to get some extra coins every X hours. Depending on how often do you log in, choose the correct dig sites. Personally, I consider the Curious Dig Site the best choice: if you can collect from it regularly, it will start making a profit in less than 3 days!
– Upgrade your Tool Shop – it’s of extreme importance to do so and try not to spend Adventure Cash for it. Instead, add neighbors and get them to help you.
– Visit the neighbors that you have added. You will gain extra XP but most important, you will get more Food, Fuel or Water – which are resources required to start expeditions!
– Expand your land as soon as possible towards the new buildings. Extra buildings mean extra goodies and you’ve got to have them!
– Don’t start too many expeditions at the same time if you can’t handle the energy requirements. It’s better to complete an expedition than have its time run out because most of them are made in such a way that you will start completing the expedition missions towards the end of the area. So if you don’t reach it, the expedition will be a complete waste of energy and time!
– For starters, don’t invest in decorations and don’t spend energy to clean the bushes and debris on your Base Camp. You first need money.
– Keep sending the Ships regularly to produce goods but don’t overdo it: 1,000 goods will be more than enough for your first several days in the game.
– So we could agree that balance is the key word here: don’t spend too much, don’t gather too much from starters. You need to expand and build more, so save money while also keeping an eye on the resources to be able to start new missions too!

Adventure World Tips & Tricks for the Expeditions
– Once you start an expedition, try to only spend energy within that expedition – anything else can wait!
– Energy is of extreme importance in Adventure World, especially during expeditions. Therefore try to invite all the possible neighbors to help you around for the maximum energy gains!
– There’s always on a map a short way to complete it and a long, difficult one. Try to find the shortest way because it requires the least energy. This means that you should:
– Avoid stepping on any traps, because you lose energy
– Avoid fighting against animals at all costs because they do strike back. However, if fighting is important, always be the one to strike first to reduce losses.
– Most of the expeditions have dead zones, in which you win nothing or close to nothing if you visit. Try to get the big picture of the area and decide if there are areas that you should not visit.
– Attacking an animal when you have just 1 energy left is a good idea because even if it strikes back, you won’t lose any energy!

These would be the tips and tricks that you should have in mind when playing Adventure World. If you have any of your own, please share them in the comment section below!