Hello, fellow adventurers and welcome to the Beginners Guide for Adventure World! In this guide we will cover the basics of Adventure World gameplay to help you understand all the features of the game and help you start adventuring. After creating this beginners guide, I will also write a more detailed guide with tips and tricks for advanced players, but until then, you should read this article from start to end to make sure that you won’t miss anything in Adventure World!

You will start your game directly with your first adventure in which you will have to Save Malcolm – this will act as a tutorial and will teach you exactly how to play the game. You should follow the instructions closely and the mission will be completed in no time. For more details about the Save Malcolm missions series in Adventure World, click the link to visit the complete guide.

After saving Malcolm and learning a few things about the gameplay and how it works, you will be taken to your Base Camp: that will act as your main home where you will be able to construct buildings in order to get bonuses, expand your land and decorate. The Base Camp is very important and should never be ignored because using resources generated there you will be able to unlock your new expeditions. So the first thing you should do in Adventure World is to build all the structures that you can in order to start gathering goodies as soon as possible.

You should also add at least a few neighbors because you will greatly need them in order to complete many of the missions in the game and also because visiting them not only rewards you with valuable energy, but also helps you gather the aforementioned resources faster.

Below you can see an image of your Base Camp and under the picture we’ll talk in more detail about all the things that show on the screen:

  1. At the top part of the screen we have the indicators: current XP and energy (also clicking on your character’s face will open up the character customization menu), supplies you have (you need supplies to start expeditions), regular coins and Adventure Cash (your premium currency).
  2. On the left side of the screen we have all the missions – you can hover over them and see the details. You have there the Base Camp missions and all the active Expeditions which are market by a ticking clock. You must click the expedition mission and select the GO button to be actually taken to the expedition screen.
  3. Finally, in the lower side of the screen, we have the list of neighbors and some more icons:
  • The MAP button which shows you the expeditions menu
  • The red X button which is used to cancel your current and all following actions
  • The utilities button where you can select the quality, turn sound on or off, zoom in and out and toggle full screen mode
  • The Inventory
  • The Build Menu (the shop)
  • Collections Button

Now if you select to go on an expedition, you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Basically, the same concept remains here, with the only exceptions that you have now entered the puzzle area and you should carefully move around in order to avoid being attacked by animals or trigger traps that will take away energy (and you’ll have to use extra energy to clear the traps). The best thing is to look at the adventure map closely and figure the fastest AND safest way of reaching the destination. Also, when it comes to fighting animals, it is best to attack first in order to lose as few energy as possible.

Your main goal in the game should be that of completing the missions and expeditions while also keeping a close eye on your Base Camp, where you will have to upgrade and expand. Decorations and new character clothes should be your least important concern for starters when money are few and energy never enough.

Make sure you check back soon for more in-depth guides and tips and tricks articles for Adventure World!