Adventure World is Zynga’s latest social game that was released recently on Facebook and from the looks of it, it appears to be their most ambitious project after FrontierVille. Read on to find out my impressions on Adventure World and decide if you should play or ignore this game.

As the name suggests, Adventure World puts you in the shoes of an adventurer that has to go on different expeditions (your adventures, which can be replayed over and over again) in order to retrieve treasures, face dangers and explore a lot of new lands. In other words, arming you with a whip and machete, Adventure World turns you into a modern day Indiana Jones and I think that we can all agree that this is a really nice starting place!

Speaking about actual gameplay, Adventure World is a relatively simple puzzle game that requires just a bit of your attention: if you’re not careful, you can activate traps and lose energy, but if you are you can completely avoid any harm and complete your expedition as fast as possible. Energy is used to perform any actions and it’s of extreme importance because all the expeditions have a time limit and if it expires, you have to start it all over again. Therefore, your goal would be to use as few energy as possible to complete the quest requirements in your expeditions.

There are a few helping hands offered by Zynga to make things a little easier: for starters, there are the regular energy packs that can be purchased from the store or simply received as gifts from friends. But there is also the option to actually “hire” friends to help you with your mission. Each friend that accepts the role offers you +3 extra energy which is extremely useful.

You should also focus on upgrading your tools as soon as possible because upgraded tools perform better, which in return means that you need to consume less energy when using them.

But it’s not all adventuring in Adventure World! In a similar way to FrontierVille’s homestead and the Pioneer Trail, your character has a home far away from home, the base camp where you can place decorations, complete buildings, gather goods and basically establish your headquarters. You can also visit other peoples’ base camps in search for extra resources, so the social element is there as always.

For the player that does not have many neighbors to start with, Adventure World might seem a bit difficult at first because of the mission limitations: you need to ask your neighbors for specific items and need their help to complete quests, which is hard to get if your friends are not playing. But you can use the official forums to find more adventurers or simply wait for a few more days until the game really becomes popular.

From a visual point of view, Adventure World is a true eye candy and it also manages to move a lot faster than games like FrontierVille which is probably Zynga’s slowest game, while the soundtrack is entertaining enough to be left on without becoming boring.

Personally, I feel that Adventure World is one of the best games on Facebook and definitely above FarmVille, CityVille or Empires & Allies, in terms of quality, but in the end, it’s all a matter of opinion and you can’t know for sure if you love it or hate it unless you give it a try. So head over to Facebook and give Adventure World a try. And if you like it a lot, you should consider visiting Adventure World Info, the world’s premiere resource for the game!