Cafe World is challenging us with a new series of missions with the release of the Designing Lisa series: 8 (!!!) new goals for us to complete while helping Lisa with her interior Designing skills. I am sure you are really curious to find out everything about the new Designing Lissa missions in Cafe World, so read on!

Designing Lisa 1

Ask for 8 Cloth Swatches
Serve 10 BBQ Chicken
Ask for 8 Paint Sample Cards

Designing Lisa 2

Serve 30 Corndogs
Purchase 3 New Tables
Purchase 3 New Chairs

Designing Lisa 3

Purchase 3 New Floor Tiles
Ask for 8 Blue Rotini
Ask for 8 Red Farfalle

Designing Lisa 4

Serve Three-Color Pasta 12 Times
Ask for 6 Mixed Greens
Ask for 10 Dandelions

Designing Lisa 5

Purchase 3 New Wall Tiles
Serve 10 Kabayaki
Serve Dandelion Salad 40 Times

Designing Lisa 6

Ask for 10 Sea Scallops
Serve 16 Cranberry Casseroles
Ask for 8 Creme Fraiche

Designing Lisa 7

Serve Cup o’ Joe 5 Times
Serve 12 Osso Bucco
Serve Fancy Gourmet Samplers 20 Times

Designing Lisa 8

Buy any 3 Decor Items
Serve 45 Eggs Benedict
Master Dandelion Salad Through Level 1

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