With the holiday madness ready to begin, it’s worth checking out the games lineup each publisher comes with and, in the end, try to estimate who will win this holiday season. We will begin with Activision, the company bringing six major titles, from family friendly action adventures to first person shooters.

The solid line-up is clearly pushed forward by the recently released Call of Duty World at War, still the winner in the UK charts, the game that allows you to travel from Japan to Berlin in a thrilling encounter. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Another FPS that has the potential to drive Activision’s sales up is the James Bond game Quantum of Solace, which takes the last two Bond movies and mixes them together for an unique experience. Check our Quantum of Solace preview to see our first impression on the game and make sure you’ll check back for the full review, which is coming soon!

Activision also lines-up two undefeatable titles (or at least two sure hits) with Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades allowing teens all over the world to become successful rockstars.

Spiderman: The Web of Shadows also hopes for a holiday boost in sales and we have no idea if that will come or not. Lastly, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, the videogame based on the animation movie with the same name promises to entertain kids and maybe prove to be the surprise package of the season. It’s just a short time until the 2009 holiday season madness is over and we’ll tell you for sure which were the results. Until then, we can only agree that Activison’s line-up is impressive.