A new hot day when it comes to game trailers, since we have some really cool new videos on offer, including gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Prince of Persia game and an environment presentation from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also, we’ve spotted a promising title – ArmA II, so let’s not waste time and begin!

We’ll start with ArmA II, a title from 505 Games where you’re part of an elite squad of American soldiers sent behind enemy lines to restore peace to Chernarus, a Soviet country ripped apart by civil war as warring rival factions fight to take control of the troubled state. In a promised epic story full of plot twists and turns, it becomes clear that the troubles plaguing Chernarus are deeper than anyone thought and the battle intensifies to extreme levels. We have the first in-game trailer which showcases the Real Virtuality engine used by ArmA II and demonstrates its ability to produce some rather awesome displays. Whether you’re flying an attack chopper, blowing up houses in a tank or creeping through the forest ready to pick off your enemy, ArmA II seems ready to rise to today’s standards.

Now let’s check the first trailer from upcoming Eidos dark action title Batman: Arkham Asylum. No gameplay footage just yet, but some cool environmental footage should do the trick for now:

The last video on offer today on Video Watch is the latest Prince of Persia trailer presenting some very cool gameplay footage with a focus on Elika, the beautiful companion of the prince. And if you will check the video below you’ll probably notice, too, that Ubisoft might be preparing to offer us a new love story in the series…