400 people are involved in the production and development of Resident Evil 5. Four hundred! Just about 20 years ago, games were developed by one or two persons. Now, they need 400. You know that in this case the credits from the end of the game could take longer than the game itself?

Let’s see the Capcom original press-release:

“In addition to developing tools, we have also strengthened our game development structure. As more than 400 people including company employees and outside contractors are working on this particular title, we have reorganized the structure to assign appropriate human resources, manage development process and offer mental health care to staff in order to ensure smooth operation. Our belief while developing Resident Evil 5 was that no detail was too small when it came to graphics.”

However, according to Capcom, the Resident Evil series sold over 34,5 milion units worldwide, so maybe there is a hope that all those 400 people will coordinate and make something right.