Midway just announced the complete list of fighters from the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Finally, we can find out who’s stronger, Batman or Shao Kahn, even if, I know, the real deal is about Batman and Superman.
The game will hit the stores in november and it will be available on PS3 and XBOX 360.

Now let me present you the fighters, starting with DC Comics universe:

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Catwoman
  • Green Lantern
  • Shazam
  • The Flash
  • Deathstroke
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Joker
  • Lex Luthor
  • Darkseid

And the Mortal Kombat universe:

  • Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
  • Sonya
  • Jax
  • Shang Tsung
  • Liu Kang
  • Raiden
  • Kitana
  • Kano
  • Baraka
  • Shao Kahn

Look’s like all major super-hero’s are here, plus Lex Luthor (?!). However, I can’t stop thinking how cool could’ve been to include the Marvel Comics universe too (X-Men, Iron-Men, Fantastic 4, Spiderman).