unrealt3We’ve got some more great news related to free-to-play-ness, just after informing you that you are allowed to play Warhammer Online for free for ten days. During this weekend, if you have a Steam account (even a free one!) you can play Unreal Tournament III for no charge (aka completely free!).

And this is not the only surprise offered by the FPS which appears to be ready to get back in business and get resurrected so long after its original release: the PC version of the game just received a major expansion called the Titan Pack, but it’s price went down: it can now be purchased with just $11.99, so if after playing Unreal Tournament III fro free this weekend you wish to continue, you can do it dirt cheap!

However, you should kind of hurry, since this reduced price is only available until mid-March (the 15th, to be more specific). So head over to the Steam website and get the game!