ut3A little while ago I brought you the news about an upcoming major patch to Epic’s multiplayer shooter Unreal Tournament 3. Now we have it’s full name – Titan Pack, so the company can rest assured that we know it’s big and a full set of details regarding the content it’s going to introduce. And, just as expected (and announced), it’s big. So here is what PS3 and PC users should expect to get from the Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack in terms of new maps:

Hostile (Warfare) – research vessels, deep jungle and lost equipment.
Confrontation (Warfare) – serves as a training ground for Axon forces, improving unit readiness by providing highly realistic, stressful training across the full spectrum of infantry and mechanized conflict
Cold Harbor (Warfare) – Axon’s Stealth Research Division managed to get some of the early specs for the Necris Nightshade vehicle and have been attempting to retrofit that technology onto their own. The Necris have moved to stop this research, and despite the blockade that sealed the harbour when the NEG enforced the armistice, they have maintained a foothold here and are fervently working to destroy all remaining Axon research.
Downtown_Necris (Warfare) – You must push back the Necris forces and restore order to this sector.
Stranded (Vehicle CTF) – Civilian contractors are often used to reliably transport supplies and equipment over short distances on Taryd, but when this cargo ship full of Axon supplies ran aground in Izanagi territory, a military unit was quickly dispatched to defend the area until a full extraction team could be assembled.
Rails (Vehicle CTF) – Even areas of new construction can be exploited as weak points in Oxida Nova’s defences, so the Iron Guard has established a series of mobile turrets to patrol the perimeter of this worksite.
Suspense_Necris (Vehicle CTF) – Suspense is the only bridge across the Alluvion strong enough to support the weight of heavy combat vehicles. It is under attack by Necris forces that control one river bank.
Dark Match (Deathmatch) – This level provides a unique twist on deathmatch in a darkened laboratory lit intermittently by a particle accelerator and emergency lights, and by muzzle flashes and explosions.
Ocean Relic (Deathmatch) – This level features the slow field powerup, a portable version of the slow field deployable.
Eden, Inc. (Deathmatch) – This level features the introduction of deployables to deathmatch, with both a spidermine trap and an X-Ray field deployable available.
Turbine (Deathmatch) – This level features the return of a classic Unreal Tournament deathmatch layout.
Koos Barge (Deathmatch) – Continuing their long tradition of expertly crafted sea vessels, Koos Shipping now offers barge services across all of Taryd’s oceans and waterways. While the prices are exorbitant, they’re the only line that guarantees that your shipment will arrive on time and undamaged, even when shipping lanes take them across the frozen polar regions.
Lost Cause (Deathmatch) – The Necris have not revealed the original purpose of this crumbling structure, nor have they explained why it was decommissioned. It stands on the cliffs of Absalom as a monument to history, a living link to the Necris ancestors.
Morbid (CTF) – Designed for use with the Titan mutator, Morbid includes heavy blast doors that can only be operated by Titans.
Nanoblack (CTF) – Giant vats of Nanoblack are processed and stored in facilities like this one across Omicron. The structures are largely self-sustaining once operational, and are upheld with much reverence by those who respect the power and significance of the Nanoblack seething within. Public access is highly restricted.
Shaft (CTF) – The substrata mines of Taryd produced over 800 gigatons of Tarydium last year alone. Production never stops here, not even for war, and mining drones will remain operational even as chaos erupts around them.