mgo-scene-expansionKonami announced that it plans to deliver Metal Gear Online lots of goodies this March, marked especially by the launch of the Scene Expansion update. Even more, the developers are offering those who pre-order a very funny bonus: a “cardboard man” head gear for free which is indeed hilarious.

However, the most important things to be brought by the Metal Gear Online Scene Expansion are the new maps and characters! Therefore, let me tell you that the first map is called Outer Outlet, a mall area made up of lots of buildings and subterranean areas. Ideal for medium and long range battles, according to the Konami post.

The second map will be called Hazard House and will be set in a huge, three story mansion, which makes it perfect for some intense, long range combat. Finally, the third map to be brought to us by the expansion is Ravaged Riverfront, a take on the Eastern European environment from Act III of MGS4.

Two brand new (and highly anticipated characters) will be brought by the Scene expansion: Raiden and Vamp. The first is very agile and skilled, while Vamp is a knife-expert. Konami promise that they’re both great characters we’ll fully enjoy once the MGO Scene expansion is launched. Unfortunately, there is no exact date announced, but we’ll let you know it as soon as it’s set.