codename-sailorvYou probably still remember the cool Sailor Moon Plus game I recommended you to download and play for free one month ago. Today, I’m going to make you happy: a prequel was released and it’s also available for download completely free of charge! So, unless you are incredibly busy today with work or homework or fighting off alien invaders, read more and download today’s free game, Code Name Sailor V!

Just like the previous title in the series, Code Name Sailor V is a side scrolling beat’em up game that will certainly make you remember the good ol’ classics. You control Minako Aino and beat your way through the game’s world, while probably noticing similarities with the Sailor Moon anime series. And yes, you’ll love this prequel even more than the previous Sailor Moon Plus since it features some improved visuals, bigger character sprites and some other “cameo” appearances, like Chun Li (yes, check the image for yourself and tell me if that girl in the blue doesn’t look like Chun Li!).

Story-wise, the developer of Code Name Sailor V tells it best: “The game follows the story of Minako Aino on her journey to find herself in her training to become a Sailor Senshi. Joining her is Katarina, an Interpol Officer. Together, they are trying to snuff out the Dark Agency, a villainous group destined for Global Domination.”

There are two game modes in this free game, support for co-op play, original voices and cutscenes and tons of fun to be had. Check the game for yourself by visiting its official website and downloading for free Code Name Sailor V!