total-extreme-wrestling-2005Have you ever thought about becoming a true wrestling legend? We all did and I doubt many of us will see their dream come true. However, it might be a bit more plausible if somebody told us that we’re going to become the promoters of the best wrestlers in the world and if that ain’t going to happen either, we have Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 to get us going.

Available as a free download from its official website, Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 is a top quality simulation title in which we become wrestling promoters and it’s our job to turn our company into a successful one while dealing with the super stars, trying to set up alliances with other wrestling companies or declaring “war” to those we can’t stand.

Although completely text based, the free to download game Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 has an incredible depth and will certainly prove to be very entertaining to all wrestling fans, as well as those who fancy playing management sims. The system requirements for playing this nice indie title are also quite low (a low-end computer would do fine), so you have no excuse not to try and play the game.

In order to download, completely free of charge, Total Extreme Wrestling 2005, click on this link and follow the instructions on the official website. Have fun!