armageddon-days-2Saving Earth from asteroids and meteorites and other similar stuff? Cliché, you say? Well.. you might be wrong, but if you’re doing it in Armageddon Days 2, a free for download side scrolling space shooter, you will see that even clichés can be entertaining as hell. And I’m not even mentioning the game’s top visuals and amazing background that makes you feel like you’re somehow experiencing a distorted Left Behind alternative.

Visuals aside, this small sized side scrolling shooter that can be downloaded for free by following this link (click it then search for Armageddon Days 2 – should be at the top of the list, above other free for download games) is quite well done. We have upgrades, we have power-ups, we have intense action and maybe even a little bit of strategy if we really want to play and experience the full excitement.

Or you can look at this free game as a way to kill your stress or simply relax: you start playing it and after a few minutes of blowing asteroids aways, you’ll feel like a new man. Or woman. Depending on who’s playing. Now really, follow the link above and download Armageddon Days 2. You won’t regret it!

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