poll-resultsRecession, problems, crawling economy… all these are things we got tired of hearing over and over again. So we decided to ask you which console do you think will win the battle with the recession and the other gaming platforms, as well, and win in 2009.

Out of a total of 253 voters, 41% of you are confident that the PlayStation 3 will be this year’s best console and I tend to agree, at least from an exclusives point of view – the games lineup for the PS3 is indeed incredible and juicing with quality.

The PC comes in second, with 25% of our readers considering the good old system the one able to become the best in 2009 and I couldn’t agree more – actually, as you have seen for the past couple of weeks, the Unigamesity itself is becoming a “PC games only” website, since we are confident that PC gaming is actually the best there is!

The Xbox 360 lost some of the faith of its fans due to a relatively poor line-up of exclusives, and therefore we find it at number three, with 24% of the voters considering it the platform of 2009. The Nintendo Wii is once again considered a loser, with just 6% of the voters having faith in Nintendo’s little console, while the handhelds seem to be doomed: 5% consider them the best choice for 2009.

And now, following this generic poll which, thanks to you, our readers, showed the world some incredible results, it’s time to move to a more site-specific poll, so that we know what types of news and articles to deliver. So please remember to vote in our new poll (you can see it to the right) and let us know what type of PC games you fancy the most and would like to hear about in the Unigamesity.