empire-grenadiersSega and The Creative Assembly decided to offer a free gift to Empire: Total War owners: a free upcoming patch that will introduce brand new units, therefore expanding the game’s strategical approach and now replay value!

The first unit that was presented via the TBS’s official boards is the Russian Grenadier and you can check them out in the image to the left. Also, we were told that some of the upcoming units will actually replace units already existing in the game and we do know that there will be a total of 11 new units released.

“The aim of the free units is to increase the graphical and unit variety of several factions rosters. We will also be using them to introduce more balance variety between factions as well,” reads the official message and I must admit I’m pretty excited.

However, there was no mention of a release date for this upcoming Empire: Total War patch. So all we can do is wait and play with the units that are already available, right?