poll-economic-resultsThe word that seems to be said more than ever these days is a long, ugly one: recession. It comes together with the “great depression” and “economic downturn” and we’re all afraid of it. We all hate it and we’re all starting to feel that the quality of life is slowly going down. But how low is it going, at least from the point of view of a gamer? Well, we had a poll here at the Unigamesity and we found out!

Basically (and happily), right now 56% of the people who answered our question (“Does the economic downturn influence your game purchasing habits?”) said that they’re not feeling the bad effects of the recession right now. Still a majority – so still good news, but if we are to further analyze the answers, we will find out that the situation is not as great as it seems.

Because 19% of those who answered consider that the economic downturn will start influencing their game purchasing habits sooner or later, while just 37% of the gamers are confident that they’re recession proof.

So most of the people – 44 percent – are being affected at the moment by the recession and that influences their game purchasing habits as well. This further means that this year (and probably the year to come) will see lower game sales than anticipated and an industry that won’t grow as much as we’d like it to. Or maybe a miracle will somehow hit us and everything will become normal once more. Let’s hope for the best!

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