let-there-be-simsI think that most of us can agree with one thing: The Sims 3 will be one of the biggest and most successful PC games of this year (and most likely years to come), but Electronic Arts wants to make sure everybody is aware of that, especially now since they suffered a small hit with the departure of the Sims creator, Will Wright.

Therefore, EA has started to flood the world with ads announcing the June launch of their cool life simulation game. If you don’t believe that such a big name game still gets tons of publicity, Kotaku has the photos to prove it. And even though the huge boards lack color and, to be honest, are not very eye-catchy, they are still there and people will certainly notice them. What impact will they have on the sales – that’s hard to say, because it is expected that The Sims 3 will sell great, anyway. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, EA seems to think. So “Let there be Sims!”