nes-controller-purseWhen recession comes into town, manually made objects follow, because people have this natural tendency of fighting against the rough times while assuring that their lives go as well as ever. The good thing is that some of these handmade items are absolutely cool – such is the case of the NES Controller purse you can enjoy in the image to the left.

Created by etsy user Inhope (who also created a nice Nintendo Controller Pillow for the most hardcore fans), this little purse will set you back $39.99, but it will be totally worth it. Especially if you’re a lady and you loved the NES (or you love video games). And the chances are that you do, since I remember reading a recent study saying that female gamers are in a much, much higher percentage than us males would’ve imagined. So here you go – you would definitely get out of the regular crowd with this awesome purse.