haloThere are four Halo video games (and surely more to come), six novels and tons of comics based on the game’s universe, so it makes complete sense to hear that Microsoft has signed a deal with publisher DK to create a Halo Encyclopedia. The product will deliver 352 pages of marine lore, clearly just for the biggest fans of them all.

As strange as it might sound, DK also has experience with this sort of things, since they have published the DC Comics Encyclopedia and Marvel Chronicle. Even the folks at Bungie are impressed by them – Frank O’Connor, the Halo franchise development director said to Edge: “We were struck by DK’s thorough treatment of other licensed properties and we turned to them to create the definitive reference to the Halo universe for the legions of devoted fans.”

Early reports on Amazon suggest that the upcoming Halo Encyclopedia will hit stores this October and it will cost $26.40. Now there’s just one question left to be answered: would you buy it?