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escape-the-bathroomThe fourth title in the “An Escape Series” created by Shawn Tanner is Escape the Bathroom, a fast and interesting game I’m preparing a full walkthrough for right now. So if got stuck somewhere or you simply want to complete the game in a few minutes, the Escape the Bathroom walkthrough here will tell you how!

Full Escape the Bathroom guide:

1. Move one screen to the right and click on the third blue tile from the left. Pick up wrench.
1. Click on the drawer and pick up baking soda.
2. Go one screen back and pick up the plunger near the toilet.
3. Click the toilet, click the plunger and click the toilet seat.
4. Click on the toilet reservoir and use the plunger’s head on the flush valve.
5. Go back one screen and click on the yellow line to the right of the toilet. Use the wrench to turn it on.
6. Go back one screen, click the toilet reservoir and the flush button. The reservoir fills up again.
7. Go back one screen and click on the toilet seat. Pick up the key.
8. Go back and click on the mirror. Use the wood stick with mirror and pick up the mirror shard. Then use the key on the lock and open it. Pick up the toothbrush and the razor.
9. Go back, and click on the sink. Turn it on and press the red button then take the baking soda and use it with the water, the use the toothbrush with the water.
10. Go back and left twice. Go up and use the stick with the square in the upper left corner. Take the hair drier.
11. Go back and use razor with the scribblings on the wall. Use mirror with the numbers and go back.
12. Click the blue energy cell and use toothbrush with it. Use hair drier on it then connect the two cables.
13. Go back and one screen to the right. Click on the gadget near the bath and type the code on the wall (45801) and press enter. Use wrench on the yellow button then go back.
14. Click the bath and turn the water on then use hairdryer with water.
15. Go left twice, then click on the door. You escaped!

Any problems with the Escape the Bathroom walkthrough? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. what do you mean use the razor with the scribblings on the wall. i tried it but nothing happened

  2. He measn the big grey spot on the wall opposite the mirror

  3. FIrst click the grey spot then use the razor

  4. what do you mean use the mirror with the numbers? i tried both numbers nothing happend.

  5. i can’t get the hair-dryer… how do i get it…

  6. what do you mean…. Go up and use the stick with the square in the upper left corner.

    • look up to the light and in the corner u’ll see a little gap. you use the stick from the plunger to move the slab out the way, then you’ve got the hairdryer

  7. im having the same problem what square?

  8. you have to die to get away ?!

  9. Yes I Know.. Stupid Init. !

  10. @Whitney and Steph: I’m talking about the gritstone or crockery or whatever that material is :) Simply click there and it will move away, just try! And good luck!

  11. how do you plug the sink?

  12. on top of the tap is a lever to plug the sink
    u dont die all u do throw the hairdryer in without touching it so all u do is shut off the power

  13. 2 minutes 23 seconds

  14. you are not dying to get away the hairdryer in the water knocks out the electric lazers on the door…

  15. i’m having the same problem as Whitney and stephanie i can’t do the square thingy

  16. done it in 1 minute and 36 sec’s i’m pro ;)

  17. 24:37 …. :S … The thing that took me almost all of the time to figure out was the code … didnt use anything else from the walkthrough. Thanks though

  18. Lol At first i didnt understand what you meant by: “10. Go back and left twice. Go up and use the stick with the square in the upper left corner. Take the hair drier.” But then I accidently clicked up and then I got it. My final time (1st time playing AND 1st with walkthrough) 4:35! Not shabby but i think if i played again I would do alot better. Thanks for all your help…next time be a BIT more clear… :D

  19. ok, so i finished first time in 5 minutes and 6 sec. i get it and what you needed to do, but (question for anyone) how did you get the code to open the thing next to the bathtub? i tried without the walkthrough after the first time i did it, looked around, and there must be some way you figure out the code…………. sorry if i confused you……………….. lol

  20. For the code, look at the numbers on the wall that you scraped away, then use the mirror shard to the right of them

  21. 1min59sec

  22. i know this is STUPID but.. i cant find the wrench:S

  23. When you say use the mirror with the numbers… what do you mean?? I have no earthly idea what you mean!!

  24. the square for the hairbrush is on the cieling. you have to go up, not go back.
    use the stick to hit the loose cieling piece a couple of times and the hairdryer falls out

  25. this isn’t very good on the clarity of explanation.
    it’s right but many people cannot inhance the meaning
    of it. =[[[[[

  26. ha! i finished in eight mins nines seconds!!! beat that!!!

  27. 7 min 23 sec first time. the square with the hairdryer was the hardest until i actually figured out hte you have to click up! These things need to be slightly more specific sometimes. It was fun.

  28. hi um ki finished the game but i didnt need u get the toothbrush anyone else managed 2 do this…i did it widout cheating!!

  29. I don’t get the part the razor and the hairdryer and the scribblings on the wall with the mirror and the numbers
    Ii helped, but then I had to quit because I didn’t understand the walkthrough.

  30. I cant get the blow dryer out from under the freaking tile i have tired every damn tile and it wont work!

  31. 16 minutes 57 seconds

  32. how do i get the key??

  33. I cannot escape still – it wont let me – i’ve done everything and im not gonna exit without fineshing the game!!

  34. Finished in 26:11… I effin’ rock!

  35. ok its not so try my instructions. 1, get plumber, use on toilet. goto top tank of toilet, plug w rubber head of plumber. now goto sink/mirror. open bottom of sink and get baking soda. go up to mirror. hit it with the stick till u get a shard. ok go right till u see wall and door. on the floor there r three dark panels in a row. click on middle one, collect wrench. go back to toilet, click botom right of toilet to turn water on. now back to top tank, flush it twice. goto bowl and retrieve key. use key on mirror lock. collect whats inside. pill bottle useless. goto sink, pull middle button (between hot n cold) to clog sink. fill w hot water. now put in baking soda. then toothbrush. now look towards the tub (left) and UP at cieling. youl c a panel messed up. hit it w stick until you get hair drier. back to tub view. go left till u see a battery. zoom into grey spot on the wall. use razor. uncover numbers to the right of numbers, place mirror shard. you should c 45801. now zoom in on battery. clean w toothbrush. now dry w hair drier. connect electricity. goto tub scene, click on pad left of tub, enter code. use wrench on yellow handle. zoom in on tub, fill it. use hair drier w tub. after lights blow out, go left twice til u c the door..exit. all done. is that more clear?

  36. When it says go up and take the hair dryer it means go up to the ceiling and move the tile, took me a while to work that one out

  37. he that one kid that id it in 2 min. and 23 seconds he SUCKS i got 2 min. and 21 seconds YOU SUCK./././

  38. How do you use the baking soda with the water it doesn’t want to pour or whatever -_-

  39. im back my new record is 1 min. and 54 seconds YOU SUCK

  40. ok i followed the instuctions. and when it got to the hair dyer thing :( i tried every single square but it’s not there
    lol but really where is it?

  41. dunno no one really thoght bout that haw stipid lol xx

  42. instructions are exteremly clear! done in 1:09! haha! whoever cant do it is stupid!

  43. on one of the walls there’s some gray paint (that if looked at for a while looks like an arrow pointing down) and its under the floor tiles it took me a while to find it too, good luck

  44. rebelrenegade1

    What he means is click on the numbers until you are up close to the numbers and then grab your mirror shard and place it right beside the numbers there and you should see the mirror reflection of the 103. The backwards 3 will make the 453 look like 45801

  45. oops wrong button anyone know what floss is for lol

  46. cuz the cord wont reach duh

  47. kaylince yukii

    next time in your walkthroughs, be less brief and more explanatory. dont say ‘use’.

  48. 14:13 beat that!!!!

  49. mrs goerdrer i beat tahat 6:57

  50. THAT WAS really really really fun!!!! and i got 6:35 :)

  51. which scribbling?????????????????????

  52. I finished in 1 min 9 sec. YEAY ME! :D

  53. the tiles are in a checkered pattern… one blue tile is misfit .its under that one

  54. What do you mean by Go up and use the stick in the upper left corner? Plz reply;)

    • Use the stick from the plunger and click the top left of the screen and the half opened pannel, get the stick and continuesly click till it opens. Hairdryer.

  55. No yur really not :)

  56. CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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