Dishonored Rune Locations! Probably one of the most important guides for the Dishonored players, because Runes are the premium “currency” in the game that help you unlock your supernatural powers and abilities. So your goal should be that of getting as many runes as possible during your playthrough (preferably ALL) and I am here to share with you the Dishonored Rune Locations Guide in order to help you know where to find all the Dishonored Runes in the game.

We’re going to find out the locations of the Dishonored Runes chapter by chapter, so prepare for a long ride!

Dishonored Rune Locations Guide – Mission 2

Rune #1: After learning how to use the Blink power and getting the Heart, we will get the location of the first Rune in Dishonored. To get it, we must go down through the partially demolished building. Using Blink to get from one platform to another, we get to the Rune, the first rune.

Rune #2: From where we started the mission, go through the waterway and find the rune on some stones (use the Heart if you can’t find it!).

Rune #3: In the Distillery District, after finding Granny Rags, we must complete the Gentlemen Callers mission – she will tell us that she left a gift for us and we can get it when we go upstairs.

Rune #4: After completing this mission, Granny Rags gives us a new quest. Complete the quest and you will get your new rune in the same spot as the previous one.

Rune #5: Exit Granny Rags’ house and find it on the alley at the back of her house, on a shrine (with lamps).

Rune #6: On the main street, after disabling the second Wall of Light, we will see a guard’s house on the left. Enter and get the rune from the table.

Rune #7: After entering Overseer’s Mansion, we can get it from the wall above the chimney where Campbell and Curnow had their drink. Just jump (Blink) towards it and press the action key where you are in front of it.

Rune #8: Before going through the door to meet Samuel form the Overseer’s mansion, take the door to the right, to the Kennels. When you see a statue with a strange blue eye, use that eye and a secret door will open. Destroy the case on the left to get the rune.

Rune #9: After getting back to the Backyard, go to the left to a building that has “Workshop” written on it. Get the key from the patrolman there and get your rune from under the magnifying glass.

Dishonored Rune Locations Guide – Mission 3

Rune #10: Go into Dr. Galvani’s house, into his laboratory and get the rune from where the Rat was during the previous mission.

Rune #11: Jump on the building on the street in front of the Gold Cat, and get the rune from the second floor on the table.

Rune #12: Get inside the Gold Cat and using the main stairs, head to the second floor. The rune is on a wall, framed.

Rune #13: From the top of the stairs, if you turn, you will see a breach inside the wall. Blink to that area and take the stairs to the third floor, where you will find the rune behind the smoking woman in the first room.

And this is it for now with the Dishonored Rune locations! We are still playing through the game and will update this guide for the Dishonored Runes as we progress through this great game. If you have any early information where to find the next runes, in order, you can share the locations with us in the comment section below!