Dishonored has been released and right now the game seems one likely candidate to the game of the year award, and it matters a lot here that it is not plagued by crashes and errors like other games. However, for those experiencing problems, I am here to tell you how to fix Dishonored crashes, errors and how to tweak the game to make it run flawlessly on your computer. So if you are having problems with the game, this is the place to be if you want to find a fix.

First of all, a common-sense thing for fixing Dishonored crashes and problems: make sure that the game’s minimum system requirements are met and also make sure that you have updated your graphic card drivers to the latest version. If you did this and you still have problems, here is what you should try to do:

1. If you get the Game Unavailable or Corrupt game files Error, the fix is simple: just restart Steam and let it work its magic and you can play the game!

2. How to fix crashes: Right click on the game in Steam, select “Properties”, and click on “set launch options”. Type windowed in there, then restart Steam and run the game.

3. If you’re getting errors and a poor performance overall, disable Vsync and SLi/Crossfire.

4. Change the Fov (Field of View) settings by following the instructions posted on Steam.

How to tweak Dishonored to look better (WARNING! You shouldn’t try this if you don’t have a strong computer!)

Go to C:\Users\name\Documents\mygames\Dishonored \DishonoredGame\Config and open DishonoredEngine.ini. Using CTRL + F, find the next lines and modify them as seen below:

AllowD3D10=True (DX 10)
GameFOVAngle=90.000000 Or more if you want

This will greatly improve the quality of the game but I repeat, only do it if you have a powerful rig that can handle the extra pressure!

And this is it! These are my tips and tricks for Dishonored, fixing crashes and tweaking the game. If you have more suggestions, please post them in the comment section below.