The developers behind last year’s Dishonored have announced that the third piece of DLC – The Brigmore Witches – will be out on August 13th this year.

As with the Knife of Dunwall add on, The Brigmore Witches takes place parallel to the story of Dishonored, putting players in the shoes of Daud, the master assassin responsible for killing the Empress in the original game. The Brigmore Witches will be the second story based expansion to the game, and is intended to conclude the story of Daud.

Brigmore Witches will allow players to carry over features from the Knife of Dunwall by loading a completed saved game. This means that players can start with the magic spells and weapon upgrades that they unlocked over the course of the previous DLC, instead of having to start from a clean slate. In addition, the player’s Chaos level and decisions to kill, or not kill their enemies are carried over, suggesting that the ending of the DLC will be impacted.

The Brigmore Witches will be available for 800 MS points on the Xbox Live Marketplace or $10.00 on PC or PS3.

[Source: Polygon]