The Dishonored Bone Charms are items that improve your stats and I am here to share with you a Dishonored Bone Charm locations guide to help you get as many of the charms as possible during your playthrough. Have in mind that they are randomly generated by the game (from the total Bone Charms, just some will be available during a play through) and you can only use three at a time.

Still, these Bone Charms offer a great value to your character and help improve Corvo’s stats, so check out the Dishonored Bone Charms locations guide below if you want to know where to find the Dishonored Bone Charms during your playthrough!

Dishonored 2 Bone Charms locations – Mission 2

During the High Overseer Campbell mission, we can collect 5 bone charms. Here is where to find them:

Bone Charm #1: Right when we get to Distillery District, while we head towards the objective, we will see a bridge. If we get on the bridge, then go to the closed door and jump on the pipes to sneak behind the closed door and collect the first Bone Charm (near a dead body on a bed).

Bone Charm #2: After freeing Griff, we should check the backroom and climb up the hole in the ceiling. There, on the second floor, we can find the second Bone Charm in Dishonored on a table between the barrels.

Bone Chram #3: In the Dunwall Distillery, we should make our way to the end and enter the room there with barrels lined up. There is a wooden pole close to the ceiling – we should get on it using the barrels and we’ll find our Whalebone charm there.

Bone Charm #4: After getting out of the workshop where Samuel is waiting, head to the roof and jump on the building that’s near. Enter it via a broken window and make sure to stay away from the rats. You will find the Bone Charm on a table on a vice.

Bone Charm #5: Find the house in the far right corner (where Brined Fish is written on a wall) and break through the wall on the side to get it. Alternately, we can use the Possession power if we have it to possess a rat and have it go for the charm.

Dishonored 2 Bone Charms locations – Mission 3

The House of Pleasure mission has at least 3 new bone charms for us to collect and you can use the guide below to learn where to get them all from!

Dishonored Mission 3 Bone Charm #1: Go to the house in front of Griff (in the Distillery District) and jump on the house with enemies on the rooftop. After getting rid of them, check out the window above: use it to get inside, go through the boards blocking the door and get it from the table.

Dishonored Mission 3 Bone Charm #2: On the alley in the Distillery District whit the Weepers (the back of the alley, actually), use the door that leads you to Granny Rags. When you get to the barricade, you can pick up the Bone Charm from the table

Dishonored Mission 3 Bone Charm #3: You can get it from the left room near the entrance in the Distillery. But you need a key to open it. Fortunately, the key is on the right side of the entrance, so just use it and get this Bone Charm as well!

And these are the Dishonored Bone Charm locations for now: we’re still playing through this wonderful game and will update the list as soon as we have more details about the Bone Charms’ locations. Or, if you want to, you can help us expand the list by posting the locations of the charms in the comment section below.