A new social game has been released by the creators of FarmVille, but one that is of extreme complexity and addiction-level, meaning that we might be seeing a new “best of the best” game. The new game is titled FrontierVille and after a first few minutes of playing I must admit that I’ve ran out of superlatives to think of!

The game is set in the wild west and puts you in the shoes of a pioneer that has to get used to living in the wilderness and create a small town there. FrontierVille borrows lots of mechanics from other Zynga games, including FarmVille, but mixes them so well that the result is a very complex game – probably the most complex social game ever!

Therefore, you will get the chance to seed crops and harvest them, feed animals and watch them grow (then turn them into food), cut trees in order to gather wood – which is used to build stuff around the camp and, yes, build all sorts of buildings around – including a house for you and your to-be spouse. Yup, a complete and complex life simulation that will certainly keep us all glued in front of the computer screens for hours! And I must admit that I completely love it!

You can play FrontierVille right now, come back in the Unigamesity in a couple of days for a complete review of a game and keep an eye on the newly launched FrontierVille info site, FrontierVilleInfo.com. Because this game’s going to get really big!