The long wait is over. Animals in Mafia Wars now have their own category. This means there are now four item categories, which are Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, and Animals. In the past weeks players collected various animals in game but they were considered as Weapons. One animal even elicited a controversial issue that Zynga had to take it out of the game.

Anyway, now that Animals in Mafia Wars belong in their own category, players must collect at least 501 animals to equip one’s mafia members. One place where you can find Animals is the Marketplace. There are 31 Animals that you can in the Marketplace.

For 35 Reward Points, you have the option to buy the Great White Shark (59 Attack 21 Defense), Grizzly Bear (25 Attack 59 Defense), African Lion (58 Attack 36 Defense), Falcon (58 Attack 27 Defense), Arctic Wolf (31 Attack 58 Defense), Hopi Rattle Snake (58 Attack 32 Defense), Silverback Gorilla (35 Attack 57 Defense), and Funnel Web Spider (51 Attack 43 Defense).

There are Animals up on sale with a price tag of 20 Reward Points. These are the Chinese Tiger (26 Attack 48 Defense), Howler Monkey (20 Attack 37 Defense), Snow Leopard (37 Attack 25 Defense), Wild Mustang (16 Attack 34 Defense), and Pair of Pet Tigers (28 Attack 12 Defense).